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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year

2012! Happy New Year! I hear it, I smell it, I sense it!!! THIS WILL BE A GREAT YEAR! So I really should be sleeping now as I have to head back to work after my long 4-day weekend, but this year, I have decided to do something I have never done before - food and travel blogging. Yay! I am excited that I wanted to start right away! I have been amazed by some of the bloggers out there and what they have put together to share with others. I too, would like to share with you my experiences. I would also like to use this blog for my own benefit which is to record my own personal experiences; sort of like a journal so I can reference back to. :) I am a novice blogger so don't expect "experienced blogger's quality blogs" (as of yet at least!) Shortly, I will be just as "experienced". :)

(Picture taken at a pot luck 12/2011 - Secret Santa gathering at my friend's house)

A little about me. I am currently 27 years old, from NYC. I have been in NYC my whole life and I love it here. I love everything NYC has to offer me. I was born in the United States and my parents are from China so I still have a lot of the Chinese tradition. These few years, I started to really enjoy cooking and baking, especially if others enjoy the food I make. It gives me great pleasure to feed others. It is quite funny that this Christmas, some of the presents I got were two cookbooks, chocolate molds and a "bake giant cookie". As I started realizing my love for food (not just eating, but making), others are noticing it as well (or maybe they are getting me these things so I can make food for knows)

Cheers to a Happy New Year and a Healthy Appetite!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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