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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fried Oreos

Who doesn't like sweets? I don't think I know anyone out there who doesn't crave sweets from time to time! I personally crave it EVERY single day (how embarrassing)! Well, I decided to make something sweet - FRIED OREOS (Yes, Americans can fry just about anything!) Now, not only is that sweet, it is also fried! This screams "DOUBLE GOODNESS!" :)

When I hear of fried oreos, I think of carnivals, funnel cakes, corn dogs, amusement parks. I finally decided to make it for myself for the first time. It was great - everyone loved it at my house and it was gone with the quickness. Very easy to make!

These are some of the ingredients you will need. Oreo cookies (I got the small pack - both the original ones and the golden ones - about 10 each), pancake mix, powdered confectioners sugar)
I then remembered I had a bag of Mini Oreos as well! I had bought this because I was going to put these little treats inside cupcakes (I'll make and post in a future recipe), but then had succumbed to temptations and finished half the bag before making the cupcakes. Now I do not have enough to make the cupcakes so I might as well use some of the remaining here. This will give me an excuse to buy another bag of these little guys! Yay to more sweets! :)
The Mini Oreos were so cute and they were great!
Close up :)
All the goodness inside. Deeelicious!!!! I'm craving one as I'm writing this up. Too bad I do not have anymore. Also, this is best when it is warm as the whole oreo cookie is no longer crunchy but has now melted and blended in with the pancake mix. My sister explained it as eating an oreo flavored "donut". 

about 20 oreos (regular sized ones -  I used both regular and the golden ones)
about 10 oreos (mini sized ones - optional)
2 cup of pancake mix
1 cup of milk
2 eggs
powered sugar

Mix the pancake mix with the milk and egg. Stir it until it is smooth. In a pan, add oil, enough to cover over the oreo with the batter (about 1.5 inches). Turn heat high to heat up the oil. Give it about 5 minutes.

When oil is ready for deep frying, dip the oreo cookies in the batter and make sure you get batter all around the cookie. You can do this with a spoon or just your fingers. I find using chopsticks easiest for me. Put the oreos in the oil. It turns golden brown really quickly so make sure to turn it to the other side after about 20 - 30 seconds.

I used both the regular oreos (black ones) and the golden ones. I like how once it is covered up in batter, you can't tell which is which so it would be a nice surprise to others biting into one! :) The black ones has a little more bitter taste whereas the golden ones are sweeter. Both are great in my opinion. 

Place a paper towel on a plate and place finished oreos on top. Sprinkle with powered sugar and serve!!! This is best when it is warm (but of course not when you JUST take it out of the oil even though it is very tempting to)! :)

I hope you enjoyed this very simple to do recipe.


  1. I love your blog! It's super cute! :)

  2. Thanks Daisy!!!!

    It definitely takes time to update! But I will try to as often as I can.