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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Maison Laduree - Macarons

Happy Easter! Today is the day the Lord has risen! I am definitely one that is guilty of not going to church on a regular basis however today is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am really happy my friend asked me to check out this church - "Redeemer Presbyterian Church". There are a couple of locations to this church but the location that we went to today was the one in Upper East Side. The auditorium was completely filled up. Before actually getting in, we had to wait on a longgggg line; and I meant "LONG" as the line literally circled around the building. As my friend said, it is like a line to get into a club but only this time it is "God's club" :) (thought that was cute). It is definitely great to see so many people come together on this special day!

So before all this, since we got to the church earlier than the service start time, my friends and I decided to walk around for coffee and as we were walking down Madison Ave, I saw "Laduree". This cute little chic boutique attracted me the instant I saw it. May I add that their colors are PERFECT for Easter! The whole store is full of spring and pastel colors (my favorite shades of color). The walls are pastel green.

Laduree, a place known for its delicious macarons, has finally brought its awesomeness overseas to the Big Apple! It is based in Paris, France but just had it's first New York City location opened August 26, 2011. My coworker actually told me she waited an hour plus during their grand opening!

By the way, below are some pictures. I wanted to take pictures inside the store but I was told I cannot take pictures indoors. I must say that out of the six flavors that I tried, I liked the "Orange Blossom" flavor the most. There is just a heavenly taste to it; as the ratio between the filling and the crust are just perfect. It is not too strong, leaving you with a light and summery taste.

The only complaint I have for this place is I feel that two out of the six macarons I tried were not properly named. For example, my favorite "Orange Blossom" didn't really have the orange flavor. I was expecting a burst of orange, citrus zest flavor in my mouth but that didn't happen. Nonetheless it was still my favorite, just can't seem to figure out the taste as it is not a distinct flavor. The other one was the "Vanilla", as I tasted a "Rose" aftertaste. I thought it was just me but my sister said she doesn't taste vanilla either but tasted a rosy, perfumy, flavor. That one was a bit odd as it was like having perfume, soap flavor in your mouth... Both of these were not named right in my opinion! Other than that, yummm yummm. *drool*

Now, I must try to make my own...

Enjoy!!!! Till next time!

6 flavors - orange blossom (my favorite), cassis violette, pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, vanilla

Goodness inside the box

So delicate

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  1. Hm, I wonder who this deranged coworker of yours who would wait over an hour for macarons is...! ;) Man, i have such a craving now. Maybe I'll go this weekend.